Convergence: Work by Canadian and U.S. Women Artists

Chandler Swain
• Ceramics

Almonte, Ontario, Canada

Education: 1970- 1977
Ontario College of Art: foundation year (confused about conceptual curriculum!!)
Hornsey College of Art: London England: foundation year
(nice, straight forward and boring)
Hertfordshire College of Art and Design: 2 years, ceramic & fibre arts
(now we’re getting somewhere!!)
Sheridan College of Art and Design: Ceramics Major (totally amazing)

Experience as a clay artist after parenting full-time 1978-88
Teaching: public schools & high schools as “an artist in the school”
Ceramics Master (2 years) St. Lawrence Community College, Brockville
Painting, Drawing and Pottery Instructor, Algonquin College, Ottawa
Studio Manager/Tech @ 2 large public ceramic studios, City of Ottawa
Teaching/working in my own studio 1986-current

Other professional activities of note
Invited Workshop presenter/lecturer on topics related to Ceramics
Board of Directors, Ontario Clay and Glass Assoc. 1994-1996
Coordinator: Art in the Park Festival 1994-present
President, Ottawa Guild of Potters 2003-2005

Recent noteworthy exhibitions
High Tea: curator Tony Clennell, Jordon Art Gallery, Jordon On, 2002
Fireworks: Biannual Exhibition of the Ontario Clay and Glass Assoc.
jurors, John Chalke, Janet Mansfield 2002
Tea Pots: Art or Craft: Curator, Jonathan Smith, Burlington Art Centre 2003
From Hand to Lips: curator, Anne Roberts, Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery, 2004

Making Marks: Robin Hopper 2004
500 Tea Pots: Lark Books, 2003
Handbuilt Tableware: Lark Books, Kathy Triplett editor

On-going Obsessions
My 3 kids, my garden, real democracy, peace and social justice,
bio-diversity, local verses global economies, painting, my role in this stuff.

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