Convergence: Work by Canadian and U.S. Women Artists

Roberta Huebener
• acrylic on canvas, paper & found materials
• watercolours & inks on paper
• mixed media in letter arts & book structures

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I am an Ottawa visual artist and teacher, born in New York City. I attended university in
New York State at SUNY New Paltz, where I completed a Bachelors degree in Art Education.
I am now retired after a 30-year career as a visual arts teacher in four Ottawa high schools.
I worked simultaneously, to the extent possible, as a visual artist while teaching. Since my
retirement in 2000 I have focused more of my energies on my artwork.

I work chiefly with paper, canvas and artist’s books using inks, gouache, watercolour, acrylic,
gold leaf and found materials. My interest in the interplay of images and words has led to a
variety of experiments with calligraphy in my work, especially freely lettered, spontaneous
brush and pen techniques as well as cut letters. I also occasionally work with cast paper,
letterpress printing and xerography. Music, poetry and improvisational modern dance-theatre
inform some aspects of my process. I have also designed, lettered, and bound small artist’s
book editions of images and my own poems and prose.

Collaboration with other art disciplines interests me greatly and I have worked closely for
many years with Ottawa poet Susan McMaster using her poetry in my paintings. I have also
collaborated with her on the design of two poetry books and a special limited artist edition
of poems. While a member of first draft a collaborative inter-media arts group, I designed
a stage set for a performance of Colin Morton’s poetry at Arts Court in 1988.

My current work examines the layering and blending of cultures in North America - the
promiscuous role of mass media, and the fusion and confusion of cultural and spiritual
traditions. I make neo-iconic images that suggest the consonances and ambiguities in
contemporary polyglot culture. I try to make words and images merge and work together
visually and symbolically. The calligraphic aspect of letters - the beauty of the well-wrought
line - is as important an element as the calligraphic aspect of other non-letter lines in a work
of art. I often rework traditional patterns, symbols, texts, and spatial relationships that seem
to have a related aesthetic, spiritual significance or heritage. Elements like ancient or modern
hand lettered words and texts, naturalistically rendered objects and traditional African textile
designs might co-exist on equal terms in one piece of work. Painted borders - broken and
unbroken, formal and informal - are a reoccurring motif.



“Common Ground” - Karsh-Masson Gallery and City Hall Art Gallery, 2002.
“Transforming the Image” - Thames Art Gallery, Chatham, ON, 1997.
Calligraphy Society of Ottawa Group Exhibition at Papertrail Oct. - Nov. 94.
Elmwood School Exhibition Nov. 94.
Black History Ottawa Exhibition - National Press Club, 1992; Gallery 101, 1993.


“Painted Words” - Market Square Bistro, Almonte, ON, 2001.
“Whose culture is it, anyway?” - Great Canadian Theatre Company, 1993
“Image, Word, Sound” - Ottawa Women’s Credit Union, 1985.


Book: ABC Canada–the first Canadian collection of contemporary calligraphy (1996)
Magazine: Revue Noire (August, 1997)
Magazine: Lettered & Bound (2004).


5 exhibitions with Ottawa Women's Credit Union Arts Committee Members.
Annual Art Credo Exhibition at St John’s Church, 1986-present.
Annual Calligraphy Society of Ottawa Members’ Exhibition, 1986-present.
3 Ottawa Board of Education Art Teachers’ Exhibition.
Art in the Hall – Glebe Community Centre, 1996.
Art in Strathcona Park, 2001.


Active member the Calligraphy Society of Ottawa for 20 years: workshop co-ordinator, instructor.
Member Canadian Bookbinders & Book Artists’ Guild.
Founding member of the Steering Committee of CKCU Ottawa Folk Festival:
voluntary graphic design work for that organization for 11 years.

Teaching with Ottawa Board of Education

- Minor Head of Arts –Nepean High School
- Visual Arts Teachers’ Subject Council Chair
- Workshop organizer and instructor
- Associate teacher supervising Student Teachers
- Visual Arts Curriculum Development Committee
- National Gallery of Canada Art Teachers Liason Committee

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