Convergence: Work by Canadian and U.S. Women Artists

Susan Rennick Jolliffe
• sculpture • found objects with a splash of acrylic paint

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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My work for the last 30 years has been creating whimsical artifacts out of the discarded stuff of our civilization combined with clay and paint. I think that, in retrospect, this path evolved from attending a radical art school (NSCAD, Halifax) in 1969 followed by a short stint as a ceramic analyst in historical archaeology in Ottawa, Canada and a growing desire to comment satirically on environmental enlightenment.

I have exhibited my “material culture sculpture” in Canada but particularly in local Ottawa galleries so people have been able to see their own “raw materials/garbage” transformed into wondrous things. My dream is that some of these constructions will last long enough to become artifacts in some extraterrestrial exhibit of early 21st century objects. The porcelain sheep heads with the funny expressions will survive for a couple of thousand years, if nothing else. This may keep future archaeologists pondering for along time whether these belonged to a cult…

For many years I have enjoyed sharing this passion through workshops with children and teachers in schools and museums (MASC), creating large public participation sculptures (Moose for the NCC) and publishing a “how to make paper sculpture” book (Sculpture Vultures 2000).

In 2001, my reflective 50th year, I took a break from sculptural work to embrace my love of story through drawing. Recently, I have completed the illustrations for a children’s book by Jan Andrews (Orca, B.C. spring 2005). I am now working on my own tantalizing tea party book (Orca 2007) and being occasionally enchanted with fabulous bits of junk.

Material Culture Sculpture: “The Artwork of Susan Rennick Jolliffe”

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