Convergence: Work by Canadian and U.S. Women Artists

Workshop Series

"Metal Leafing" by Missy Hamilton

Sat., 10/15, 1-5pm, Cost: $36, Lawrence Arts Center.
- Participants will learn basic gilding techniques, including 2 & 3 dimensional work, combining varied types of leaf to create compositions and patterns, and gilding on paper and fabric. This half-day workshop will expose you to the endless uses of metal leafing. Limited to 10 visual artists and experienced art students. Items to bring: Art work or objects you are willing to experiment with. All other materials will be provided. (Back)

"Felting Workshop " by Maggie Glossop
For adults
Wed., 10/19, 9:30am-12:30pm, Fee: $30, $5.00 materials, Studio 3-D, 1019 Delaware St.
- Feltmaking is the production of unwoven cloth using the natural inclination of individual animal fibres (usually wool) to matt together when subjected to moisture, heat and pressure. Participants are introduced to the history and basic techniques of feltmaking and will work on two felted projects. The first will be a simple flat piece of felt. During the production of this felt they will become familiar with the laying out of the base fibers, the arranging of colored fiber to create a design, the wetting of the stack of fiber and the pressing of the wet wool to make a soft felt followed by the 'fulling' of the felt to achieve the desired strength and size. The second will be a technique that is used to create a seamless felt container by wrapping the fiber around a template and creating the felt with the resist inside. The template is removed before the final fulling stage. No experience is required for this workshop. (Back)

"Folded Figures Children's Workshop" by Susan Rennick Jolliffe and Roberta Huebener
Wed., 10/19, 3-5pm, Fee: $25, Lawrence Arts Center
- Learn to transform flat paper into standing, sitting or flying birds, mice, dragons or whatever your imagination can come up with just using a pencil, scissors and a bit of brainpower! (Don't worry, just a LITTLE bit of brain power and perfect for those who think they are not artistic) Once you get the idea, you can make beautiful symmetrical sculptures for mobiles, dioramas, holiday decorations, birthday cards, place cards for that fancy tea party and terrific entertainment for kids on summer car trips. This workshop is for anyone who can handle a pair of scissors- from 8 to 108- and excellent for teachers too! (Back)

"Felt Rock Happening" by Wendo Van Essen, Maggie Glossop, Emma Martin and volunteers
Wed., 10/19, 3-4pm, 5:30-6:30pm, 7-8pm, all ages, Cost: $15, Studio 3-D, 1019 Delaware St.
- No wristbands required, Cost: $15, materials included, Studio 3D, 1019 Delaware St., Lawrence, KS - Have you had it up to HERE with hard rock? If so, join us to transform wool fibers into a soft felt rock. You may choose to deposit your rock in the cairn at the heart of the Labyrinth included in our "Paths and Structures" installation at KU Art and Design Gallery. This will be a rock concert you won't want to miss! Be part of something HUGE. Coolers will be checked at the door. (Back)

"Needle Felting Workshops" by Wendo Van Essen
Ages 7-adult, maximum enrollment 6
Thurs., 10/20, 1-2pm, 4-5pm, 7-8pm, 1 hour, Fee: $20, Studio 3-D, 1019 Delaware St.
- In this workshop we will make 3 dimensional felted creatures. Using cleaned and carded unspun wool fiber as the medium, we will poke away with a specially designed felting needle that can "sculpt" the fiber into any desired shape. Fiber and needles will be provided. Kits for making snowmen will be available for purchase. (Back)

"Event Participant V" by Diana Dunkley
Fri., 10/28, 6pm, FIELDS Gallery, 712 Mass. St. No Fee
- This art piece is the fifth phase of a time-based, participatory, psychogeographical conceptual sculpture event, created by Lawrence artist Diana Dunkley. The public is welcome to join in as a part of Dunkley's onging sculpture project, at FIELDS Gallery, on Friday, Oct. 28, at 6pm. The event will conclude the following day at 5:00pm at FIELDS Gallery. No one will be required to do anything that will keep them from their normal day to day activity. "Come see what the wacky world of conceptual art is about!" "Event Participant V" is sponsored in part by CVS Pharmacy. (Back)

"Stitching in Air" by Nan Renbarger
Sat., 11/5, 10am-2pm, Cost: $36, Lawrence Arts Center

- A workshop using water soluble fabric and machine stitching to make lace, patches, doodads, and appliques. In this class we will make sewing machine lace, patches, spider webs, and doodads using very small scraps of fabric, sewing thread, and water-soluble fabric. You will need to bring a sewing machine with a darning foot attachment, small amounts of fabrics, yarns, sewing threads, an embroidery hoop that will fit under your machine needle and basic sewing notions, especially sewing machine needles (we may break a few.) The water-soluble fabric will be provided. (Back)

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