Convergence: Work by Canadian and U.S. Women Artists

Listing of artwork on exhibit at the Lawrence Arts Center

For information or prices for any of the artworks, please contact the artist, contact information available on resume page.

Ann Bird •Quilting 
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"Crossing the Line"  

1. Floating, 40"w x 48"h, Cotton, machine quilted
2. Beach Memories, 40"w x 48"h, Cotton, machine quilted
3. Summer in the City, 40"w x 48"h, Cotton, machine quilted
Triptych - Overall dimensions 10’w x 48”h

Ann Kuckelman Cobb • painting • drawing • fiber
Oskaloosa, Kansas, USA

Creation Myths and Other Tales from Near and Far
Watercolor on handmade paper, some embellishments, 15 individual watercolors, each tells a story. Twelve are 8” x 8”; two are approx. 8” x 10”; one is 6” x 8”.  All unframed. Overall dimension: 52"w x 36"h

“Nine Willow Sculptures”
Willow, dogwood, beads, feathers, paint, and other embellishments. Each is about 8” diameter at the base x 10-26”h, numbered 1-9. Each includes own Brazilian cherry wood shelf, 12” x 12”; central one 19”w x 12”d

Willow Sculpture 1 Willow Sculpture 2 Willow Sculpture 3
Willow Sculpture 4 Willow Sculpture 5 Willow Sculpture 6
Willow Sculpture 7 Willow Sculpture 8 Willow Sculpture 9

`Trip’ Hammer(sculpture)
Pine, Brazilian cherry wood, oak, poplar, walnut, cast plaster
11”w x 6¼”d x 22”h

Eye on the Future (There Is Only Now)(sculpture)
Welded steel, found objects, Brazilian cherry wood base, LED and battery, 10” x 10” x 21”h

Tangled Web
Ink, colored pencil, heat on Australian vellum, 36”w x 42”h

Laurie Culling • painting • monoprints • mixed media • hand made paper collage
Lawrence, Kansas, USA –

Treasure Map
acrylics, mixed media on canvas, framed: 51”h x 49”w

Trellis Ice Sun Light
acrylics on canvas, framed: 48”h x 24”w

Prayer Banner
6 monotypes on Hobati silk, bead fringe, h x 15"w

Grand Cross Solar Eclipse Ritual ("As Above, So Below")
acrylic on canvas, 30”h x 40"w

4 chairs
mixed media assemblage 4"h x 8" diameter, on gold plate 13" diameter

Chair of Adornment
assemblage: doll chair, beads, jewelry, found objects, 15"h x 7"w x 5½"d, on 15” diameter vintage mirror used in “Grand Cross Solar Eclipse Ritual”

Grand Cross Solar Eclipse Ritual”CHAIR – embellished, life-size. 

Our Chair"
wrapped, embellished chair, 36"h x 18"w x 19"d
In collaboration with Maryse Maynard. Both chairs displayed with Pépère’s Chairs” Installation

Diana Dunkley• Performance/Installation • Painting • Mixed Media
Lawrence, Kansas, USA
Studio 3-D, 1019 Delaware St., Lawrence KS

Flying By the Seat of My Pants
Sculpture - Metallic watercolors on paper, bamboo, silk and copper
44”h x 38”w (plus hanger)

Pais Kale  
Metallic acrylic on paper, 44”h x 30”w

Ousia: Essential Being” from the “Portal Series”
Acrylic, transparent & metallic watercolor, drawing on paper, 39¼” x 30¼”. From the collection of Laurie Culling

"Laid Flat by a Friend"
Metallic watercolor on paper, 32”h x 40”w
From the collection of Susan K. Jordan

Jan Gaumnitz •ceramics • painting • sculpture • monoprints • photography
Woodridge Studio, Lawrence, Kansas & Woodridge Studio, Surprise, Arizona, USA

Seeking Balance          
Chine collet (mixed media), 45½”h x 58"w

Prairie Moon Rising
Chine collet (mixed media), 45"h x 34"w

"LAC No. 3"
Monotype, 25½”h x l8"w

Stone Crib
Sculpture, ceramic and hickory wood, 6’h on base: 26"L x 26"w
Special thanks to Steve Ramberg for hickory sticks and to Myles Schachter for limestone base.

"One World"
Sculpture, ceramic & hickory wood, 7’h on base: ll½”L x 15"w
Special thanks to Will Orvedahl for hickory sticks and to Myles Schachter for limestone base.

Maggie Glossop • Fibre Art
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Between Heaven and Earth
hand made felt (wool, silk, cashmere, mohair, angora, flax), horizontal triptych, 65”h x 82”w

"River Goddess"
collaboration by Maggie Glossop and Susan Rennick Jolliffe, mixed media: Porcelain, hand made felt and driftwood, 39"w x 22"d

Missy Hamilton• painting • photography
Lawrence, Kansas, USA

"Nostalgia Installation "
Installation.  Includes 2 wall pieces, small table and chair, old TV, and SOUND. Photo transfer onto Plexiglas with gilding (metal leafing)
Large piece: image: 47”h x 33 ½”w, framed: 48”h x 34 ½”w
Smaller piece: image:  2’h x 4’w, framed: 2’1”h x 4’1”w

"Jazz 1"

"Jazz 2"


Roberta Huebener • acrylic, paper, found materials • watercolours, inks • mixed media letter arts & book structures
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Turtle Island Suite VII – Circumtotem(2002)
acrylic & mixed media on stretched canvas, 80”h x 24”w
From the collection of Jan Gaumnitz

SlowGlyf Series

SlowGlyf Series III – WATR(2005)
acrylic on unstretched canvas, h x 58”w

SlowGlyf Series IV– ERTH(2005)
acrylic & mixed media on unstretched canvas, 59”h x 31”w

SlowGlyf SeriesV – WIND & FIRE(2005)
acrylic & mixed media on stretched canvas       59”h x 31”w

Susan Jordan• pastels • watercolors • monoprints • photography
Lawrence, Kansas, USA

"Father Sky Dancing Up a Storm Over Abiquiu" pastel, 38” x 44"

"Eagle Dreaming #1, Aboriginal Kansas Series", 30” x 36"

Eagle Dreaming #2, Aboriginal Kansas Series", 30” x 36"

"Snow Songs: Wakarusa Wetlands Series" , 32” x 36"
From the collection of Dr. Holly Jordan, North Carolina

"The Courage to Act on Her Convictions: A Celebration of Muslim Women Heroines"
3-D fabric installation

Susan Rennick Jolliffe • sculpture • found objects with a splash of acrylic paint
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"A Pretty Fishy Story" (2005)
Microbezoic, Devoidian, Plastiscene, Humanassic, Abundazoic, mixed media, 8’8”h x 4’w

Maryse Maynard• mixed media • interactive & found art • installations • painting • masks
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Pépère’s Chairs
In collaboration with Pixie Cram (film) and Laurie Culling (2 wrapped chairs).
Installation: super 8 film transferred to DVD, projector & player; embroidered canvas ‘screen’;15 canvases 12”h x 16”w, overall dimensions: 8-10’w x 7’h; and 2 wrapped chairs on floor.

Two Chairs
Embroidered canvas from "Pépère's Chairs", 12"h x 16"w

Chicken and fox bones in wall compound, old carved wood window, acrylic paint, varnish, 15½”h x 20”w x 2”d

Liz Minnes • acrylic/mixed media
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Pandora didn't do it...and it is not a box."
Acrylic mixed media on canvas, using gauze from father’s surgical kit, circa world war two, 60”h x 48"w

Finding Pandora.
Acrylic mixed media on canvas, using gauze from father’s surgical kit, circa world war two. Also included are various historical images and writings concerning the Myth of Pandora, 68”h x 45”w

Nan Renbarger • fiber • mixed media (hand-painted fabric) fiber
Overbrook, Kansas, US

Flora's Fervor
Mixed Media Fiber, 24" x 24"

Tsimone says Lean LeftMixed Media Fiber, 20" x 20"

Trés, Mixed Media Fiber, 36"w x 20"h

Feelers Out
3-D Mixed media fiber, 8”dia. x 12”h bowl with 12”dia. puddle

Margaret Rose • mixed media • printmaking • installation
Lawrence, Kansas, USA

Pocket Full of Posies
Fabric, flower petals, and mixed media, gold leafing by Missy Hamilton, printed fabric by Nan Renbarger, 23"h x 11 x 2½”

Six Posies
Mixed Media Assemblage, monoprint(s) by Nan Renbarger, beading by Linda Joler, 24” x 24” x 2½”

A Quiet Listening Place/Ecoute Cela
Mixed media video installation including leaves, ready-made umbrella, and bench from native Kansas wood by Steve Ramberg, 9 foot diameter x 8ft high (The title is a poem)

Cross My Heart, Hope to Die, Stick a Hundred Needles in my Eye!

Why Do We Just Swallow the Lies”
Mixed media assemblage on linen canvas. Hearts by Mason Engling, skeletons by Laura Ramberg, eye by Kendra Herring, text by Ruth Bowman, Flies by Daniel Schapaugh, Fish by Ardys Ramberg, tied flies by Daniel S. and Charles Higginson. 32"h x 22"w

Cathy Tisdale• Ceramics
Lawrence, Kansas, USA

Stoneware clay, 7" x 17” x 17"

"Save the Reef-Funnel Coral
Stoneware clay, 14" x 16" x 14"

"Belize Basket of Treasurers"
Stoneware & Porcelain Clay, 6" x 20" x 20"

"Save the Reef-Chalice Sponge"
Stoneware clay, 15” x 13" x 12"

"Save the Reef-Tubeworm"
Porcelain Clay, 12" x 14" x 14"

Chandler Swain • Ceramics
Almonte, Ontario, Canada

Share, Nourish, Sustain, Offer, Serve, Heal, Receive, Listen, Refresh
Set of 9 porcelain plates (each plate approx 12" across)

Wendo Van Essen • fibre art • felting • animation
Prescott, Ontario, Canada

World Tree: Lost & Found
felted wool, cotton, glass, semi-precious stones, shells and found objects, 88”h x 6’w

Yvonne Wiegers • ideas (the idea determines the material)
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Elemental Women

Ceramics, (117 figures each representing an element on the periodic table), Individual figures 4" x 6" x 3". Entire installation approximately 9' x 6'

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